Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Global Europe English Version Wristband

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Global English Language Version Smart Bracelet Wristband

Sport Activities Badminton, Basketball, Running, Cycling, Fitness, Walking, Yoga, Swimming, Tennis, Rowing

Heart rate measurement Straight / from the wrist

Compatible OS iOS, Android

Water resistance 50 m (5 ATM)

Max. battery life 336 h (14 d)


Unisex designation

Hardware and software

Interface language English, German

Application language English, Czech, German

Compatible OS version Android 5.0, Android 6.0, Android 7.0, Android 8.0, Android 9.0, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, Android 10.0

Compatible OS iOS, Android

OS watch own OS manufacturer

Bluetooth connectivity

Sensors and hardware Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Oxymeter

Touch screen control method


Strap color Black

Rubber strap material

Part of the package

Included in the package Charging cable

Waterproof and durable

Water resistance 50 m (5 ATM)

Battery Life

Max. battery life 336 h (14 d)

Make / model

Xiaomi brand

Model Mi Band 6

Watch appearance and display

Case color Black

The shape of the round dial

1.56 “display diagonal

Digital time display

Display type AMOLED

Case size 47.4 mm

Weight 12.8 g

Sports features

Sport Activities Badminton, Basketball, Running, Cycling, Fitness, Walking, Yoga, Swimming, Tennis, Rowing

Sports functions Pedometer, Calorie calculation, Heart rate measurement, Distance measurement, Sleep monitoring

Health functions

Heart rate measurement Straight / from the wrist

Health functions Blood oxygen saturation measurement, Stress level measurement, Sleep monitoring, Menstrual cycle monitoring

Smart features

Notifications and messages Phone notifications

Smart functions Notifications from mobile phone, Search for mobile phone, Monitoring of the menstrual cycle




Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Global for Europe, officially called Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, replaces its predecessor after only nine months, which raises the logical question of whether it brings enough change at all. The big performance Global in Europe of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 will take place on April 28, 2021

The main role of Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The most significant innovation of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 fitness bracelet is the striking enlargement of the display, which has grown from 1.1 to 1.56 inches intergenerationally. According to the manufacturer, this represents a difference of 50%, but the mathematical calculation shows approximately 42%. In any case, we will see more information on the display than ever before.

The resolution was also increased and with 152 × 486 pixels, we can look forward to the finest image so far, corresponding to 326 PPI, which successfully competes with the above-standard display of a smart watch.



The luminosity also remained relatively high, and compared to the 4th generation, we will enjoy great readability even in direct sunlight. As expected, the display is based on AMOLED technology, thanks to which we can count on vivid colors, true black and excellent viewing angles. There are 130 dials on offer and the option to choose your own photo.

The size of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is 47.4 × 18.6 mm, it is taller and narrower at the same time. The thickness of 12.7 mm, on the other hand, remained almost the same and it is possible that the manufacturer did not work on at least partial slimming. Literally everyone will enjoy the low weight (12.8 g), thanks to which the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will surprise us with its ease of wearing. the bracelet does not burden in the slightest.

There is a replaceable strap and next to the basic black we will be able to choose from seven other colors. However, the original black attracts with its antibacterial material, which is supposed to dispose of up to 99% of batteries.

Solid equipment Xiaomi Mi Band 6

There are still intelligent functions for everyday life, such as an alarm clock, weather forecast, stopwatch, timer, but also the search or unlock of the smartphone. You can then also control the camera shutter or the media being played on your smartphone. Music cannot be uploaded directly to Xiaomi Mi Band 6 as expected.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 fitness bracelet continues to provide notifications for messages, SMS or incoming calls. Of course, many features require a connection to a smartphone that must include Android 5.0, iOS 10, or later. The connection is then taken care of by Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, which guarantees a solid range as well as above-standard reliable operation.



Obviously, the battery life has also remained unchanged, which, like the fifth generation, promises 14 days of normal use and 19 days in power saving mode. The magnetic charger has also been preserved, thanks to which we no longer have to put down the straps as in the fourth generation. The total charging should not take longer than only 2 hours.

Sports modes Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Of course, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is not surprising by its ability to record footsteps, distance traveled or calories burned. We are also warned about sitting too long, so we can stretch out in time and do something for our health. The unique PAI (Personal Activity Index) indicator is also related to movement monitoring, which evaluates the daily amount of total activity based on the heart rate and characteristics of the user.

We also saw a significant improvement in the number of sports modes, which increased from 11 to 30 in the intergenerational period. The number of automatically detected activities was also expanded, where in addition to walking and running we also find a treadmill, cycling or elliptical and rowing machine. Thanks to the water resistance of up to 5 ATMs, swimming and snorkeling in the swimming pool is no problem either, while the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 even automatically recognizes the four most common swimming styles.

Measurement of blood oxygenation

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 delivers the long-awaited and increasingly popular measurement of blood oxygenation (SpO2), and it’s no wonder that the sixth generation finally complements this feature. It is a quality health indicator that will help with many activities.
However, the monitoring of health functions does not end there. This is because continuous monitoring of the heart rate is present, including notification of abnormal values ​​by means of vibrations. Stress sensing (i.e., body stress), monitoring of the menstrual cycle, or detailed sleep analysis can also be expected.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 – variants

We can buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 fitness bracelet only in the variant with a black strap, while the manufacturer promised the possibility of buying another seven colored straps separately. In addition to the basic model, a variant with NFC was also introduced, but it will most likely remain available only in the home China. The price is set at € 44.99, which fortunately does not differ much from the previous generation.




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