Fitness Bracelet – How To Choose The Right? Try the one from Xiaomi

Fitness bracelet is an excellent helper for every generation, not only for young and vital people, as many think. The fitness bracelet helps in sports activities, monitors the health of the user and monitors daily activities during the day and during sleep.

A fitness bracelet is a device that provides monitoring of several basic health functions and is a friendly companion during fitness activities. The cheapest fitness wristbands have a standard display that can display the time, date, measure the number of steps with a pedometer that completes the meter. The fitness wristband includes a standard heart rate monitor and can monitor the quality and intensity of sleep during the night using a standard mobile app.

Expensive fitness wristbands and smart watches – wearables – have already been equipped with GPS, ECG monitoring and altitude measurement. However, there are also devices that can monitor blood sugar levels in diabetics. They are mostly smart watches, whose price is also on the level of several hundred euros.

Fitness wristbands become fully functional only when connected via Bluetooth to a mobile device that has a mobile app belonging to the fitness wristband brand installed. With the mobile app, the wristband user gets advanced features such as notifications from various apps installed on their mobile device directly to their fitness wristband or smart watch.

Benefits of fitness bracelet for health

The basic mission of fitness bracelets is to obtain information about your body condition and physical health. There are several interesting features that can provide fairly accurate and relevant information and monitoring of bodily functions that can assist a person during daytime and night sleep activities.

There are wristbands that can communicate remotely with a doctor via an internet connection via a mobile phone, who can intervene with expert advice if necessary. Telemedicine, which is already present in the medical field, and the physician can remotely obtain patient data from fitness bracelet or smart watch monitoring in an instant.

Smart fitness wristbands and watches help seniors and the disabled

Older people still think fitness wristbands and smart watches are for the younger generation only. However, this is a mistake that is increasingly refuted from reality and the list of prejudices. Active seniors wear fitness wristbands that can call for help in case of emergency or health problems.

The benefit of these wristbands for seniors and the disabled is the monitoring of bodily functions and enhanced possibilities to call for help. A senior or disabled citizen can obtain an up-to-date status about their bodily functions and health status.

Fitness wristbands and smart watches can even predict health developments based on previous monitoring data. Fitness wristbands and especially more expensive smart watches that have built-in ECG tracking can even predict a heart attack and heart rhythm problems and alert the user in advance.

Fitness wristbands and smart watches have, in addition to monitoring vital signs, a function that can decide to call first aid to its user. Such fitness wristbands and smart watches are increasingly used in the care of severely ill people and seniors.

Fitness bracelet and smart watch watch you 24 hours a day

An interesting feature of fitness wristbands and smart watches is heart rate monitoring. Care should be taken to ensure that the measurement is accurate. The bracelet or watch therefore requires a firm placement on the wrist. Thanks to this feature, extended with possible ECG measurement, one can learn a lot of interesting information about his all-day activities. Heart rate measurement based on body data determines so-called heart rate. aerobic and anaerobic zones. Fitness wristbands and smart watches can even measure blood oxygenation.

A very interesting and applicable function in a sedentary way of life is a reminder of the time when the user is motionless and sitting. In this case, the fitness bracelet can alert you to go for a walk and end a long sitting session. Lack of exercise is detrimental to the overall health of a person.

Sleep monitoring is a very popular feature that fitness wristbands and smart watches have basically linked to a mobile app as standard. The user can access information about total sleep time, waking up, fitness bracelet will record deep and light sleep data.

Fitness bracelet, however, not a doctor

Fitness bracelet and smart watch technology is advancing with every new model and technological advancement. However, it should be remembered that monitoring health with a fitness bracelet or smart watch will never replace the doctor’s professional view.

Fitness wristbands and smart watches provide an approximate view of slvalues, but their sensors achieve in reality only a minimal percentage of accuracy. Therefore, they are more a motivational and entertaining accessory than a serious medical device.

Fitness wristbands are primarily designed for counting the steps and familiarizing yourself with the quality of sleep, they will never replace the medical examination with a precise medical device and medical technology.

How to choose a fitness bracelet and smart watch?

The design of the device is a very important factor in the user’s decision on the choice of fitness bracelet or smart watch. Keep in mind that your smart device will become your companion throughout the day. You should pay extra attention to the strap itself, which should have suitable material to wear the wristband or smart watch all day, and not cause allergic reactions or problems with wrist sweating.

Fitness wristbands without display or with display?

There are alternatives to fitness wristbands that do not have a display or show only minimal information. Choosing a fitness wristband with a display is preferable to get full-fledged information without having to track data in your app Some devices can be worn not only on your wrist, but also on your shoulder or belt or chest.

With the display you get a fuller device that shows you not only time and some other basic data. In addition to the basic features that fitness wristbands and smart watches can provide, you can even learn about weather, get notifications from apps and incoming SMS and calls.

The heart of fitness wristbands and smart watches is the mobile app

A mobile app installed on a smartphone or other mobile device is a standard and very important part of most fitness wristbands and smart watches. Apps for each smart device have a variety of features and capabilities that enhance the user experience of a fitness wristband or smart watch. In the app you work with your own body data about height and weight, set your own values ​​and limits, view measured values ​​and graphs, set goals.

Mobile apps are typically available for the two most popular smartphone platforms running Android and iOS. It is important to verify how you connect the fitness wristband or smart watch to the device. In addition to a direct connection, wristbands and watches provide connectivity to the application via Bluetooth. It is important to verify the application’s compatibility with the operating system and Bluetooth support.

Fitness wristbands and smart watches require synchronization, keep in mind

A disadvantage may be the need for regular synchronization of fitness wristbands and smart watches with the mobile phone and data acquisition application. The advantage of such a process is just a wireless connection via Bluetooth.

Also important is the size of the device memory and the possibility of storing individual measured data. To avoid having to sync constantly “live”, the fitness bracelet and smart watch should have enough memory for data from the previous few days. This reduces the power consumption that would otherwise have to be incurred in regular and continuous synchronization of a fitness wristband or smart watch.

With a fitness bracelet and smart watch, battery life and charging are decisive

Fitness bracelets have unlike smart watches interesting values ​​in terms of battery life. Often times the battery life of fitness wristbands exceeds several tens of days, more expensive smart watches have a battery life of several months. The standard way to charge the battery is the included USB charger, or the device has a separate special charging mode, all depending on the model and brand of fitness bracelet and smart watch.

It is important to decide in advance how much you want to monitor your data, if you turn on multiple data tracking at a low time, battery life may drop to half its maximum capacity. Charging a fitness bracelet or smart watch every few days is very restrictive.

With a fitness bracelet and smart watch, you also get an overview of diet and calorie expenditure

Some of the bracelets offer advanced features that allow you to record your calorie consumption and expenditure. However, it is often necessary to manually enter data. A fitness bracelet or smart watch becomes the guardian of your diet and calorie expenditure during fitness activities.

An additional feature not available to all fitness wristbands and smart watches is an intelligent alarm clock that activates in your chosen time zone according to the intensity and depth of sleep. The alarm clock evaluates sleep and wakes you up by vibration or sound during the light sleep phase, optimizing wake up time for your wake up time.

Other complementary features, whether built directly into a wristband or smart watch, include blood oxygen measurement, altitude, or even blood sugar measurement.

Accessory fitness wristbands and smart watches

Every fitness bracelet or smart watch can be customized to your needs. A standard part of the fitness wristband and smart watch is a customized charger that can have a classic plug-in connector or a so-called plug. rechargeable “bath” with USB connector or special connection.

If you are interested in building an image, you can adapt to it with colored bracelets or choose a strap material for your smart watch. Every device should be protected, so there’s the option of adding protection to your display, even your entire fitness wristband or smart watch.

Word at the end

A fitness bracelet or smart watch is an excellent complement to a person’s everyday life at any age. Smart wristbands and watches do not belong to the category of medical devices, so you should not consider the data obtained from fitness monitoring from these devices definitive.

Various fitness wristbands and smart watches offer a variety of built-in features that are expanded using the associated mobile app. Quality and prestigious fitness wristbands you can buy from 20 euros, interesting smart watches buy from 70 euros. When choosing, you should pay attention not only to the functions, but especially to the energy intensity of monitoring your activities and battery life.

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