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Mi Band 3 + NFC

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 release date in June 2020?

CHECK XIAOMI MI SMART BAND 6 WRISTBAND PRICE HERE Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – What we know Xiaomi confirmed that Mi Band 5 is evolving and entering the market launch date in 2020, as the company is preparing the next generation of its super-sold fitness bracelet. The subsidiary Xiaomi – Huami should allegedly separate, which […]

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Fitness Bracelet – How To Choose The Right? Try the one from Xiaomi

CHECK XIAOMI MI SMART BAND 6 WRISTBAND PRICE HERE Fitness bracelet is an excellent helper for every generation, not only for young and vital people, as many think. The fitness bracelet helps in sports activities, monitors the health of the user and monitors daily activities during the day and during sleep. A fitness bracelet is […]

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From creating websites to earning websites

I have been working on web site development since 2012. In 2015, I started to focus on deeper affiliate marketing combined with SEO and optimized site creation. I discovered, where I became a publisher. The advantage of the affiliate network is that you can choose from dozens of quality campaigns that you can […]

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – when the fitness bracelet will appear on the market, what will be the price and features of the new bracelet

Xiaomi has already confirmed that it will be Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Huami financial director David Cui (Xiaomi-owned brand) confirmed that the company is working on the new Mi Band 4 bracelet, which will be based on its predecessor, Mi Band 3, and the new “four” will appear in the second half of this year. […]

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Original_Xiaomi_Mi_Band_3_english version00001

Mi Band 3 NFC – function available only in China

Hello friends. We have very bad news for customers of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 NFC outside China. Function is available only in China, they can use it for transit in cities with public traffic. But maybe there is only softvare problem and Xiaomi will soon make access to NFC function in all the World. There […]

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My birthday was the Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet

For the last few months, I enjoyed the Mi Band 2 bracelet, which I tested for many years and used not only for my sporting activities but also helped me to analyze my sleep. On my 40th birthday, I managed the Mi Band 3 bracelet, which I am currently testing. Mi Band 2 is a […]

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Xiaomi is a brand of my heart

I dreamed of having a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet longer. Today I have this smart bracelet and I am very happy. I really enjoyed it, and during the day, I do not only watch, but watch all the important body functions. Xiaomi Mi Band bangles can be used under running water and in rain, […]

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