Xiaomi is a brand of my heart

I dreamed of having a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet longer. Today I have this smart bracelet and I am very happy. I really enjoyed it, and during the day, I do not only watch, but watch all the important body functions.

Xiaomi Mi Band bangles can be used under running water and in rain, with Mi Band 3 bracelet you can even dive up to a depth of 50 meters. Mi Band bracelets show time, monitor burned calories, walk meters and steps, distance in meters, follow heartbeat and show battery charge status.


In combination with Mi Fit, the Mi Band bands offer great monitoring of various sports activities, sleep analysis with detailed statistics, and an overview of its quality during the night.

Xiaomi rose to my heart

The last days resonated in me the idea of ​​ordering the Mi Band 3 NFC bracelet, which came to market on September 19, 2018, with the long-awaited NFC feature. This bracelet will be my birthday gift in November.

I have made my affection for the Xiaomi brand Xiaomi mobile phones and created a site dedicated to this consumer market segment. I’m going for another Chinese brand to test my Xiaomi mobile phone this year at Christmas.

Xiaomi is a leading brand from China, which has become famous for its high-quality and low-cost mobile phones with fine-tuned software and excellent performance in terms of quality and price, and in particular the Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3 fitness wristwatch, which is enhanced with the NFC feature

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