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From creating websites to earning websites

I have been working on web site development since 2012. In 2015, I started to focus on deeper affiliate marketing combined with SEO and optimized site creation. I discovered Dognet.sk, where I became a publisher. The advantage of the Dognet.sk affiliate network is that you can choose from dozens of quality campaigns that you can […]

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My birthday was the Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet

For the last few months, I enjoyed the Mi Band 2 bracelet, which I tested for many years and used not only for my sporting activities but also helped me to analyze my sleep. On my 40th birthday, I managed the Mi Band 3 bracelet, which I am currently testing. Mi Band 2 is a […]

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Xiaomi is a brand of my heart

I dreamed of having a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet longer. Today I have this smart bracelet and I am very happy. I really enjoyed it, and during the day, I do not only watch, but watch all the important body functions. Xiaomi Mi Band bangles can be used under running water and in rain, […]

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